Our Story

I never imagined I’d wind up making a supplement to help with nerve pain. Quite simply, I made Nervexol because I had to.

My wife and I just had our first child. As I watched neuropathy debilitate my beautiful wife and leave her in constant pain, I didn’t know what to do. The doctors didn’t know how to target her neuropathy symptoms and the side effects from the big pharma options sounded horrifying... There had to be a healthy and affordable way for people to deal with neuropathy and live a comfortable, vibrant life. So, I got to work. I created this supplement for my wife and it completely changed our lives for the better.

After seeing how profoundly Nervexol impacted my wife’s health, I knew that I had to share this supplement with the world. It took a long time to find pure, high-quality sources for all the ingredients and assemble a team of experts to formulate the exact recipe we’d envisioned, but it was well worth the effort.

Hear it from Kierstyn

Toward the end of my second pregnancy, the doctors rocked my world with a grim diagnosis – I was a late-onset Type 1 Diabetic. I couldn’t believe it – I’d really have to live with this for the rest of my life? Still, I had a happy, healthy baby, and my family was complete. I knew that I could handle this too. It was a lot of work at first – the insulin checks, doctor visits, shots, blood tests, complicated meals… but I pushed through it. I wasn’t going to let this disease define me or hold me back, while it was a new challenge, I could make it work.

Then the Nerve Pain Set In

And it was excruciating… At first, the pain would come in the evening. I chocked it up to being on my feet most of the day, running around with my kids, wearing heels, etc. But then it started coming on earlier in the day and kept getting worse from there. It didn’t matter what type of shoes I wore or if I rested. The pain would burn in my feet and shoot up through my legs every day. I couldn’t exercise anymore after the kids went to bed. I became too tired to do what I loved. My chronic illness was getting the better of me.

I Felt Like I Was Failing at My Life

My husband noted my lack of energy and was concerned – I wasn’t acting like the woman he fell in love with. So, he took it upon himself to figure out a solution. He spent thousands of hours reviewing clinical studies, reading books on neuropathy, meeting with neuropathic doctors and herbalists…everything that he could.

It’s funny how you never give a second thought to doing whatever you want and enjoying the things you love...until you can’t.

And I’m so Grateful That He Did

Eventually, he developed a prototype for Nervexol that completely eliminated the excruciating, pulsing pain shooting up my legs every day.This supplement gave me back my ability to do the things I loved and it helped me be the mother that our kids deserved.

There Was No Turning Back

We were on to something, we knew it. This was working and we could make it better. We kept reading, studying everything we could get our hands on. We kept testing, everything that had promise to help with nerve pain. We spent long days and nights, consumed with finding a solution that would work.

Don’t settle for a life of pain. Much like it was for us, this can be the beginning of your new life!

We Were Relentless

We had funneled all the frustration of this experience into solving this problem. The more we discovered about natural ingredients, the more it was clear to us other solutions failed because they were compromised. They loaded up on cheap supplements that didn't help and passed up the expensive, but effective ingredients. Not us, I was going to feel healthy again, no matter what it took.

I Finally Got My Life Back

As I write this story today, I feel completely normal and pain free. I’m back working full-time, exercising every night, and being a great mother for our kids. There are still so many things I want to achieve in this life. Nervexol gave me the ability to walk with confidence that I’ll achieve them all and make bold, beautiful memories with my family in the process.

Check Out Our Original Nervexol Formula

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