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Why B12 Methylcobalamin for Neuropathy and Not Regular B12

Neuropathy is perhaps one condition that affects millions of people all over the world especially old people and people living with diabetes. Notwithstanding, there are lots of fantastic treatment options available to help treat this condition. One of such amazing treatment option that has stood out in the pack is vitamin B12. Yes, this nutrient has been able to help people with neuropathy live better and healthier lives. But here lies the bone of contention with the use of this vitamin in the treatment of neuropathy. While some experts are of the opinion that regular vitamin B12 would suffice to treat this disease, others claim B12 Methylcobalamin is the best. So, without any further ado, let's settle this argument, shall we?

Nerve Support Vitamin B12: What You Should Know

It is true that nerve support vitamin B12 is a mind-blowing vitamin that helps treat many health conditions including neuropathy. However, there are two major variations of this vitamin, one is the B12 Methylcobalamin and the other is the regular Cyanocobalamin which most people are familiar with. For people who know anything about this vitamin, you'll agree that this is one amazing vitamin that helps protect the brain, support energy, protect the nerves, contributes to red blood productions amidst other health benefits. However, there is a difference between these two classes of vitamin b12.

Studies have shown that B12 Methylcobalamin has a methyl group (just carbon and hydrogen) while cyanocobalamin is known to house a cyanide molecule. While it has been established that the amount of cyanide in a normal b12 is quite small to be harmful, your body still has to do a little to eliminate it from the system. On the flip side, the methyl in methylcobalamin is extremely important and needed for the optimum function of the body.

What Makes B12 Methylcobalamin Superior To Regular B12 Vitamin?

There are a lot of reasons why experts prefer B12 methylcobalamin to regular vitamin B12. Let's see some reasons why.

  • It is readily available

    While this may sound like a no-brainer, this is one of the reasons why this vitamin is seen to be superior to the regular B12 vitamin. Methylcobalamin has been described as the most bioavailable kind of vitamin b12. This means it is readily available for people who may need it.

  • It Stays Longer In The Body

    Unlike regular vitamin b12 that doesn't last in the system, research has shown that Methylcobalamin remains in the body for a longer period and in higher levels too when compared with cyanocobalamin.What this means is that your body is supplied with Vitamin B12 for a longer period if you use methylcobalamin instead of cyanocobalamin.

  • It is Perfect For the Brain And Nervous System

    For people living with neuropathy, using methylcobalamin is your best bet as this vitamin is primarily used in your brain, liver and nervous system. Without mincing words, b12 methylcobalamin is the perfect vitamin needed for nervous system health. More interestingly is the fact that this vitamin helps improve vision, while cyanocobalamin is known to do very little in this regard. This makes b12 methylcobalamin highly recommended for patients with diabetic neuropathy whose visions are already failing them.

  • It Induces Sleep

    For neuropathic patients dealing anxiety, depression coupled with the difficulty in sleeping; it would excite you to know that b12 methylcobalamin can help you enjoy better sleep. This isn't surprising giving the fact that research has found that b12 methylcobalamin is important in the synthesis of melatonin. When there is melatonin secretion then enjoying quality sleep is a stroll in the park.

B12 Methylcobalamin and Why It Is the Best for Treating Neuropathy

It's no longer news that vitamin B12 is very important especially among people with neuropathy. With vitamin b12, people suffering from nerve pain and diabetic neuropathy can go on to live a healthier life as this helps alleviate some of the symptoms they are going through. More so, while it is vital that people with neuropathy increase their vitamin b12 intake, it's imperative they go for a vitamin b12 that last longer in the body. This is what makes b12 methylcobalamin such a perfect vitamin for people with neuropathy as it not only help them deal with the symptoms familiar with this condition but also last longer in the body.

For people with degenerative neurological symptoms, b12 methylcobalamin has proven quite useful as it is recognized as one of the most promising treatments for people with this condition. This vitamin bypasses myriads of potential issues in the absorption cycle and helps to completely heal or reverse the symptoms common among people suffering from neuropathy, how cool can this be?

And while regular vitamin B12 may look suitable for people with neuropathy, it comes with many disadvantages like not staying longer in the body. But with b12 methylcobalamin, you have a vitamin b12 you can always rely on. For people whose neuropathy is caused by lack of inadequate vitamin B12, you wouldn't go wrong to increase your intake of b12 methylcobalamin.

Yes, there lots of incredible sources of this astounding vitamin including supplements on the market, I'd advise you reach out to your physician who will prescribe the one that best treats your condition.

Recommended Intake

It's important to know that vitamin b12 is naturally available in animal products like fish, beef and other dairy products, so if you're aren't eating any of this product you may be at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, and you know what this means to your health right? Thankfully, there now amazing supplements people can rely on.

In a nutshell, there are two primary forms of vitamin b12, but one that has proven quite effective in treating nerve pain and neuropathy is b12 methylcobalamin vitamin and the fact that it last longer in the body than regular vitamin b12 makes it highly recommended. For neuropathic patients who want to enjoy a much-improved health, rid of symptoms common to this condition using b12 methylcobalamin wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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