Nervexol - Nerve Pain Support

A carefully curated mix of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, Nervexol Nerve Pain Support helps eliminate nerve pain and bring back your quality of life. Featuring such ingredients as calamarine, ubiquinol, vitamins B1, B6, B12 and D3, and other beneficial herbs like corydalis, it provides quick and effective results without the side effects of toxic big pharma options.

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A carefully curated mix of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, Nervexol Nerve Pain Support helps eliminate nerve pain and bring back your quality of life. Featuring such ingredients as calamarine, ubiquinol, vitamins B1, B6, B12 and D3, and other beneficial herbs like corydalis, it provides quick and effective results without the side effects of toxic big pharma options.

Reduced Numbness/Tingling

Relief of Burning

Support Nerve Linings

Reduce Stress

When Can I Expect Results?

For immediate relief, rely on Signal Soothe Cream. As time goes on, you will rely less and less on Signal Soothe Cream and it will mostly be used for specific parts of your body where you might need extra relief.

I need long-lasting relief

We recommend using our soothing cream for instant relief while you’re waiting for the longer term effects of our Nerve Pain Relief product to kick in.

I need enhanced relief

For that extra push, we recommend NeuroMute. When used in combination with Nervexol, it provides faster, more enhanced relief for those who need it.

The best of both worlds

Get the benefits of all three products with the Nerve Repair Kit. This kit includes our Nerve Pain Relief, Nerve Repair Booster and Signal Soothing Cream, all conveniently bundled together for easy and efficient use.

Hear What Others Have to Say

Nervexol Isn't A Silver Bullet

We’re nothing if not totally honest. We didn’t get into this to sell people on a product that wouldn’t help them. Having seen others suffer, we know how false promises and useless drugs can cause even more pain. Not all types of nerve pain can be treated by Nervexol.

Why is it So Unique?

Two words: the formula. Remember, I created this for my wife, so I wasn’t about to take the easy way out and use ingredients that didn’t work as well, even if they were less expensive. I took my time to find the perfect balance of the perfect ingredients to create a formula that was safe and effective (and wouldn’t break the bank).

What is the benefit of using the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 in your formula?

Naturally produced by your body, CoQ10 is an antioxidant that has been proven to be effective in fighting neuropathic pain. A low-risk, high-reward strategy for preventing/treating neuropathy, CoQ10 can decrease oxidative stress in the central and peripheral nervous system. Most formulas use Ubiquinone, the traditional, cheaper form of this antioxidant, which isn’t absorbed as well into the body. Though it’s more costly, we use Ubiquinol (the reduced form of CoQ10), which is absorbed 3x to 8x better. For us, the benefits of Ubiquinol far outweigh the cost.

Why is R-ALA such an important component in NERVEXOL and NEUROMUTE?

Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (or R-ALA) is the most effective variation of Alpha Lipoic Acid, providing far more significant nerve pain relief than its synthetic, cheaper counterpart used in other products. In fact, studies have shown R-ALA to be 12x more effective than the less-expensive, much-more-common S-Alpha Lipoic Acid. Though standard R-ALA is costly and typically can’t withstand high heat conditions, we use the stabilized version, eliminating shipping or storage concerns while enhancing effectiveness. Nervexol contains 200 mg of 100% pure R-ALA, and for those who need more relief, NeuroMute contains 300 mg.

How does benfotiamine help with nerve pain? Why not just use regular B1 vitamin?

It’s true, traditional B1 vitamin (thiamine) can help by producing a protective coating (myelin) that insulates your nerves, but unfortunately, it’s water-soluble, which makes it pretty inefficient for your body. On the other hand, fat-soluble benfotiamine (a derivative of thiamine) is more expensive but also much more helpful by being better absorbed by the digestive tract (360% better to be exact). Long story short, it provides the same benefits as thiamine, plus more.

What about the traditional B12 vitamin? Why is the formULA you use more effective?

Cyanocobalamine (Cobalamine) is the most commonly used form of B12 in supplements, yet your body has to convert it to Methylcobalamine in order for it to get into your blood system -- and even then, sometimes only as little as 1% is absorbed. We cut right to the chase, utilizing the easily absorbed Methylcobalamine form of B12 in our formula. It may be more expensive, but it’s also more effective.

Why do you use calamarine instead of fish oil like most other natural formulas?

It’s been proven that calamarine is incredibly effective in easing nerve pain...but it’s also about 10x more expensive than fish oil. Harvested from deep-sea squid, calamarine is incredibly high in DHA omega-3 fatty acids, delivering 85% more to your heart, brain and joints than traditional fish oil. So while, yes, fish oil is the cheaper option, we knew it was important to go with the better solution -- even if it meant less profit.

Why is Nervexol so effective?

It’s pretty straightforward. Nervexol is effective because of the right combination of the right ingredients. Sure, it may sound great to have a ton of buzzword-type ingredients in your product, but before throwing everything but the kitchen sink into ours, we did a lot of testing to make sure the ones we included actually helped. Again, we’re not here to boast about having the most ingredients in our formula -- we’re here to make sure the ones we do have are what you actually need.

Nervexol is a powerful combination of natural flowers, herbs, barks and vitamins. Each one alone can have an effect on your pain and discomfort level, but Nervexol is created from a precise research-backed balance to greatly increase your chances at relief.

Taking just 2 capsules of Nervexol a day:

  • Supports, nourishes and strengthens the nerves and the nerve linings
  • Drastically decreases numbness and tingling in hands, feet and legs
  • Dramatically lowers the sensations of burning, stinging and stabbing pains
  • Increases the ability to sleep better at night
  • Supports improved overall balance and coordination, helping reduce the risk of falls
  • Significant reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Drastically increases your energy levels throughout the day

All Natural Ingredients

When Kierstyn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, we started trying everything for the nerve pain. Eventually, after endlessly reading research and testing ingredients, it started to work. We started giving it out to others with nerve pain and saw the same amazing results repeated again and again.

German study found that benfotiamine (B1) can relieve neuropathy pain within 3 weeks.
Studies show that in small doses, B6 can be very beneficial for nerve health. At larger doses in excess of 100mg per day, it can have an adverse effect on nerves.
Scientists state that ultra-high doses of methylcobalamine (B12) have been shown in clinical studies to produce nerve regeneration.
This powerful antioxidant gives you more energy, lower blood sugar and protects your body cells from damage, while providing relief from pain, burning, tingling, and numbing caused by diabetic neuropathy.
Ubiquinol is used for energy production by every cell in your body, and helps protect from free radicals. Ubiquinol is the superior, more bioavailable form of CoQ10, meaning it is more superior for your health than regular CoQ10.
Also known as the "sunshine vitamin", Vitamin D helps to support the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system.
Traditionally used in Europe as a calming herb for anxiety and insomnia, this extract helps eliminate pain signals sent to your brain.
Some say this is just as effective as Vicodin at relieving pain, but it is also natural and non-addictive.
Lab studies have shown this traditional Chinese medicine to arguably be the most powerful herb one can use for the treatment of pain.
A deep-sea omega-3 discovery that delivers an unheard of 85% more DHA omega-3s to your nerves, brain and joints than regular fish oil.

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